Dreamy Spanish clothing offering a modern twist on traditional style for 0 – 16 year olds
Stay little is a Spanish brand offering beautiful clothing for most all our girls – from 6 months to 16 years! This brand offers a modern-day reverie; dreamy clothing for every occasion and to please both daughter and parent. Stay Little take a versatile approach to design, adapting classically inspired silhouettes to the latest trends, perfectly connecting nostalgia with a modern feel.

Stay Little combine an original outlook with high-quality manufacturing in all collections. You will find high quality fabrics, unique prints, lots of hand embroidery and high levels of care throughout the production process.

The thought-through, generous range includes, skirts, trousers, blouses, jumpsuits, cardigans, shirts, and lots of dresses. All dresses are designed to be worn at special occasions, celebrations, ceremonies and parties, and have all the detailing you’d therefore expect.

Stay Little’s collections are inspired by experience – this brand knows it is not always easy to dress your children. With their magical, free and whimsical, yet trendy vibe, Stay Little aim to help reconcile the preferences of girls with those of their mothers. Hooray for that!

“A modern dat reverie - lovely!”