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Good, clean, fun: Skin and haircare products meeting the specific needs of 8 to 16-year olds
Spots and Stripes is a British-made, earth-friendly range of skin and haircare products formulated specifically for the unique needs of tween and teenage skin. Designed to step in when our beloved products for babies and younger children no longer do the job, these products are highly natural and super gentle, yet still do things you need them to. And they come in super-cool packaging too!

The brand is the creation of Charlotte-Anne. When her eldest daughter was 12, this mama found it impossible to find skin, hair and bath products to meet her daughter’s new needs. To help with the sometimes-greasy hair, the sometimes-sweaty body, the odd breakout...

A beauty editor, Charlotte-Anne was very familiar with the many products on the market for grownups and had been very careful with the baby/child products she’d used up to this point. She knew neither group was what was needed – for her daughter and for any t(w)een.

As Charlotte-Anne explains, tween skin isn’t baby skin. It’s not adult skin, either. It’s a delicate hybrid with its own unique needs. A larger proportion of the body than adult skin, tween skin has a higher water content and thinner epidermis. It secretes less sebum, making it six times more susceptible to synthetic chemical penetration from haircare, skincare and bathing products. These chemicals can act as hormone disruptors, which feels extra relevant at this crucial time!

Defining a clear need and seeing a gap in the market, Charlotte-Anne set about creating the perfect products for boys and girls. Shampoos, conditioners, cleansing lotions, bath and shower gels, balms for problematic patches… Working with one of the UK’s best natural manufacturers (based in the beautiful English countryside!) and after years of tweaking, Spots and Stripes – cool products aimed to our cool adults-to-be and to them only - was born!

“It’s perfectly packaged for tweens, earth-friendly and super cool all at the same time”


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