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Sustainable classics meet modern designs for happy families
Bitte is a US-based online store selling wonderful options for your little one(s), whether you’re seeking toys, clothing, books, décor touches or more practical products. Created by daughter-mother duo, (we love!) Maia McDonald Smith and Sara Jonnes McDonald, Bitte focuses on sustainable practices and modern design to create a wonderfully curated collection of products you can be sure you can feel good about and which are sure to be hits.
“bitte” means both please and you're welcome in German, and that essence of respect and humble gratitude translates into everything Bitte does. A graphic designer and a product developer by trade, as well as parents themselves, Maia and Sara understand that us mums and dads are concerned not only with caring for our little ones, but also for the world we share. So they’ve done the research, looking through the small batch and artisan community to find brands with the same sensibilities, and with an eye for refined style. Unique products made with love and passion, often the work of individuals and always made to last.
Bitte’s range of toys takes you from make believe and dressing up to wooden vehicles and board games. There are options for newborns and options for 8 year olds, and everything in between. We love the wooden animals, the building blocks, the sweet bears, the play crowns and colourful silks… Frankly, we love it all!

“What a gorgeous collection! Lots of European beauties here, US friends! ”