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The three of us met in London in 2005 just after our first babies were born. We quickly bonded over motherhood and the questions, concerns and joys that come with parenting (the foundation of the strong friendship that we still share today!).

In 2007, Emilie moved to Paris, Esther moved to Amsterdam, and Courtney remained in London. We started the Babyccino blog as a way to stay in touch with each other and continue to share our parenting discoveries, tips and ideas from our three corners of Europe.

In 2011, motivated by the noticeable increase in new and beautiful brands in the children’s market, we decided to make a business leap: we launched the Babyccino shopping portal, offering a curated directory of stylish, independent boutiques. We organized the boutiques into relevant shopping categories and highlighted them with inspiring products and editorial reviews. We have always loved supporting independent boutiques, and this was a wonderful way for us to connect shoppers with the products and shops they were seeking.

Nine years on, the Babyccino site continues to offer inspiring daily content and interesting blog posts. We also have kid-friendly city guides for five major cities, and we now represent more than 400 of the best children’s shops from around the world. We also host annual ShopUp events in London, New York and Los Angeles, offering readers the chance to shop in person from some of the finest children’s brands and boutiques (and a wonderful opportunity for us to connect to our readers in person!).  

The three of us remain dear friends and deeply committed to growing and evolving our business. We also have a wonderful team of enthusiastic women (and one man!) who share our passion and have become great friends as well. You can read all of our bios below.

Thanks so much for stopping by and being a part of the Babyccino community.

With love,

Courtney, Emilie and Esther xxx



Courtney Adamo
Founder, Lives in London

Courtney was raised on a tulip farm in the northwestern corner of America. She studied journalism in Chicago, started her career in Los Angeles and then moved to London with her future husband where they lived for 12 years and welcomed four children: two boys and two girls. Last year they sold their house, packed their bags and set off on a year-long travel adventure around the world. Courtney is currently in the southern hemisphere, happily working and homeschooling from the road. She is expecting her fifth baby in March 2017. 

Emilie Walmsley
Founder, Lives in Paris

Emilie is a freelance animation producer in proud possession of a French and an Irish passport… but it’s actually not that simple. She grew up in Germany and in the States, and then finally landed in London. Having lived there for 10 years, she moved over to Paris four years ago, where she lives with her two daughters. Paris has not been without its trials, but the whole family has gotten used to fresh croissants in the morning and dog poop on the pavement all day long!

Caroline Chabidon
Social Media Manager, Lives in Amsterdam

Caroline is French but she left Paris 7 years ago and has been living with her husband and two daughters in London, New York, Brussels and Amsterdam since then. A former marketing girl turned graphic designer, she enjoys spending time trying new crafty activities with her daughters, baking, reading French magazines and cycling through her new city!

Miraya Berke
Event Manager, Lives in New York

Miraya grew up in California with a passion for event planning and creating magical experiences. She moved to New York and founded Pop Productions, a boutique event design and production firm. She loves thrift shops, crafting sequins, & everything sweet. As the Global Event Manager of The ShopUp, Miraya is excited to expand the delightful charm of The ShopUp to new cities around the globe.

Vanessa Gerbrandy
Contributor, Lives in Scotland

Originally trained as a primary school teacher and having completed an MA in Education Vanessa has spent the last fifteen years travelling with her Dutch husband living and working in Africa, America and Europe. They have recently moved to Scotland where they live with their two girls, Helena and Florence. Vanessa loves spending her weekends visiting farmers markets, foraging in the woodlands with her family and cooking with her girls. She loves the smell of home baked cakes, a good pot of tea and fresh flowers in the house.

Shannon Corliss
NY Contributor, Lives in NYC

Shannon spent her childhood in Vermont before moving to Maine for college and suburban New Jersey to start her career in publishing. Drawn in by New York's magnetic pull, she then lived in Manhattan for six years before decamping to Brooklyn with her husband and sweet cats in advance of her daughter's birth. Now a converted Brooklynite at heart, she loves dining out, weekend baking projects, and traveling as much as possible.

Kate Midda
London Contributor, Lives in London

Kate grew up an hour outside of London in rural Hampshire, and later went on to study biology near Brighton in Sussex. She Moved to London in her early twenties in hot pursuit of her university sweetheart (now husband) and with whom she has two children, a girl and a boy. Life took an altogether different turn after the birth of her first child when she decided to swap clinical trials for colour swatches and follow her life long dream of becoming an interior designer. After 2 years of planning and plenty of procrastinating she has just begun renovating their family home in North London. She loves crafting, DIY, photography, vintage furniture and is pretty handy with a drill. 

Claudia Sanchiz Garin
Barcelona Contributor, Lives in Barcelona

Originally born in Spain, Claudia spent her childhood moving every couple of years with her family until finally settling for a little longer to study product design at Central Saint Martins in London. Having lived in various countries, she found London to be a good home as she found the mixture of cultures she had grown up with all in one city! After working 8 years at Burberry, Claudia left in pursuit of her photography passion -- working with clients such as Prada, Conde Nast, Diageo and Monocle, as well as her zeal for photographing families, kids, food and weddings. Claudia moved to Barcelona after falling in love with a Frenchman with whom she is now married and has a wonderful little girl. She is expecting their second little bundle of joy in March 2017. 

Esther van de Paal
Founder, Lives in Amsterdam

After living in New York City (where she got engaged), Brussels (where she got married) and London (where she got a couple of children and met the co-writers of this blog), Esther moved back to her home country to live in the real sin-city: Amsterdam. Trained as an architect, she likes things to be organized, functional and good-looking. As a mother of four, that seems hard to achieve, but at least her husband makes an effort. She is fond of little creative projects (cooking, drawing, sewing, and baking) and loves homemaking as much as she likes to travel.

Helen de Wit
Shopping Portal Manager, Lives in Amsterdam

Helen is British born and bred, but love brought her from London to Amsterdam some 15(!) years ago. She lives in the heart of the city in the beautiful, historic Jordaan district, with her Dutch husband and 3 children. Rarely found without her bike, Helen loves the accessibility and international nature of the city. A video producer by trade, she likes things organised and ticking off lists. She loves being a mum, baking and - keeping things balanced - football! 

Sergiu Baluta
Software Developer, Lives in Pennsylvania

Sergiu has worked with Babyccino since the very beginning! He was born in Moldova, he studied in Romania, and he then moved to NYC for work in 2001. He met his wife in New York and got married in 2006 before moving to Dutch Country, Pennsylvania. He now has two kids - a boy and a girl - and enjoys organic gardening, wildlife photography, nature, biking and hikes. 

Rebecca Magniant
Event Manager, Lives in London

Rebecca grew up in mid-America [near St. Louis] before moving to the Washington, DC. She met her future husband in graduate school, and they moved to his hometown (Paris!). In Paris for 11 years, Rebecca had two lovely daughters, who grew up playing with Emilie's girls. Now in London, having moved there in 2013 for her husband's work, the family is enjoying being in a 3rd culture and loving all that London has to offer.

Lara Curry
Contributor, Lives in London

Lara lives in London after meeting her husband on her fourth day of a vacation. She uprooted and moved abroad for love. Having lived in seven cities, she spent the longest time rooted in NYC and she misses it greatly! Although she is a born and raised urban dweller she often escapes the concrete jungle for nature. She's trained as an artist, and has travelled extensively, working as a Creative Director for retail brands big and small. Travel, beautifully curated moments, flea markets finds, making good food, friends and especially family (her husband have a daughter and a new baby boy)...these are her loves!

Vicky Dimcevska Goldstein
Amsterdam Contributor, Lives in Amsterdam

Macedonian-born and having grown up in Australia since the age of five, Vicky moved to Amsterdam with her husband and two children over a year ago. Having qualified and worked as a dietitian in Australia, Vicky has been enjoying a slower pace of life since relocating, exploring the beautiful city of Amsterdam with her little ones by bike as often as possible. Vicky loves travel, photography and all things creative - and is excited to continue to discover all the hidden gems that Amsterdam has to offer.

Lara Brehm
Paris Contributor, Lives in Paris

Lara was born in Hamburg, Germany and then raised in Paris where she studied to become a Graphic Designer. After living a few months here and there including Barcelona, Berlin and Southern Italy, she finally came back to Paris where she found love and a tiny apartment with a garden (right outside the city) at the same time. Four years later, the apartment was extended and her baby boy Oscar was born. Lara loves the beach at any season, candles and chimney fires, interior decorating, a hot cup of tea and of course Paris!!