Caramel Baby & Child


Left to her own devices, my toddler would leave the apartment looking like Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan. For the holidays, I decided to treat myself to coordinated outfits (of my choosing!) for my two little girls. Fortunately for me, Caramel Baby & Child (1244 Madison Ave) is a short walk across the park to the Upper East Side – and their only retail storefront in North America.  Caramel Baby & Child offers a lovely range of clothing and shoes, with a sophisticated color pallet and silhouettes that are at once modern and nostalgic.  Visiting the shop offers the chance to see the looks pulled together, along with coats, socks and shoes.  The shop also offers carefully curated gifts, accessories, and cards.  While you’re north of 86th, there are several children’s shops worth a peak including Bonpoint (1269 Madison Ave), Jacadi (1242 Madison Ave), babycottons (1236 Madison Ave), Naturino (1184 Madison Avenue) and crewcuts (1190 Madison Ave).


frenchhorse and buggy ridecentral park zoo
ObaibiHorse & Buggy rideCentral Park Zoo

The Eloise Store at the Plaza

The Eloise Store, located in the iconic Plaza Hotel, is devoted entirely to the storybook character Eloise — a precocious little six-year-old who grew up in the hotel. The store is tucked in the back of what is essentially a ghost-town of uber-luxury boutiques. The pristine pink and black space is inviting and there are several areas for young children to role-play, including a little stage with dress-up clothing, a huge tea party room (which will eventually serve food) and a comfy media space with bean-bag chairs to watch Eloise on a big screen. The store is just starting to host birthday parties in the spring which I am sure will be a huge hit and possibly the main draw of the space. If you are an Eloise fan, you will adore the nostalgia of it and as expected, there are a ton of themed items to purchase (note: there was screaming and tears when we left). I think it’s a perfect place to take a young lady for a special day out (think 4yr-7rs). Little girls will love it.

Eloise Store At the Plaza
Lower Lobby of the Plaza Hotel, 59th and 5th Ave


frenchcentral park zoohorse and buggy ride
ObaibiCentral Park ZooHorse & Buggy ride


frenchMy childhood friend — who fled NYC long ago to live in Paris — sends us the cutest, chicest outfits every year for the girls’ birthday. I am always excited when the package arrives but always find myself equally bummed out that I can never find the brand here! Well last week I learned that Obaibi had quietly opened a store on the upper east side, and so I made the trek the other day and practically bought the entire place out.

What I love about the clothes is not only the beautiful muted color palate but the hipper-than-hip French styling. In addition to a bunch of great sweaters and dresses, I picked up a pair of cargo capris with a flowy top and a printed cotton wrap scarf. The cuteness factor was off the charts! Obaibi carries items from birth-5yrs and I am hoping that they soon open a store with the line for older kids (Okaidi). I would say to all New York moms that it is worth the trip – the clothes are adorable, beautifully made and priced WELL WELL WELL below what you would find elsewhere. Dress like a little French girl at Old Navy pricing. Viva la France!


horse and buggy rideeloise storeCaramel_NYC-Store
Horse & Buggy rideThe Eloise Store at the PlazaCaramel Baby & Child

Central Park Zoo

central park zooThe Central Park Zoo is a treat for young kids – especially the separate children’s zoo that has a ton of things to climb around in, an adorable petting zoo, and a HUGE indoor rainforest filled with all kinds of wildlife walking around. While not as expansive as the Bronx Zoo (the real deal zoo in New York) the Zoo in Central Park has all the appeal of a large zoo in a nice compact space. There are Polar Bears, Penguins and Monkeys to name a few as well as a giant tank with Seals who put on shows a few times a day. Go early if you can, and like anything else in NYC — avoid on the weekends and school holidays if you can help it.


horse and buggy ridefrencheloise store
Horse & Buggy rideObaibiThe Eloise Store at the Plaza

Horse & Buggy ride

horse and buggy rideOh how I love playing tourist sometimes! And one of my favorite spots to visit is perhaps the crossroads of it all — the corner of 59th and 5th Avenue. Tiffany’s, The Plaza Hotel, FAO Schwartz, Bergdorf, Barneys, and the entrance to Central Park — to name a few of the highlights.

And I ask — is there anything more New York than taking a Horse and Buggy Ride through Central Park? So cheesy but oh so fun! Kids can often sit in the front with the driver if you ask very very nicely, and it’s a great way to see the park and take a break from the crowds. Ask to be dropped off at the old-fashioned Carosel which is great fun and a must visit (and at $2 dollars a ride it might just be the least expensive thing to do these days). And don’t forget Heckscher Playground – one of the biggest and best in the city.


eloise storecentral park zoofrench
The Eloise Store at the PlazaCentral Park ZooObaibi