Acorn Toy Shop


Acorn Toy Shop

Acorn Toys (323 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn) is a treasure.  The shop ladies were so utterly gracious as my 3-year-old exclaimed repeatedly, “I want it all!  Let’s take it all!”  I had to agree with her.  This little gem has the loveliest selection of toys, clothing, and decor, special enough to be passed down through generations.  It’s hard to imagine how so many delightful toys are neatly arranged in such a cozy space.

Acorn’s selection is mindful of quality and sustainability, with many lines sourced locally.  There is a tactile quality to the displays, with few toys in packages, available for little hands to explore.  Oddly I wasn’t afraid that my rambunctious toddler would break anything as the shop is thoughtfully arranged, with colorful wooden block sets and handmade puppets within her grasp and delicate felt mobiles safely hanging from the ceiling.

What a treat to browse several clothing lines in one place, including popcorn stitch cardigans by Misha & Puff, pinafores by Soor Ploom, and baby alpaca hats and booties by Oeuf.  I also made a few discoveries, including a vast selection mobiles, linen rompers by Red Creek, cars from Playforever.  Acorn also offers a selection of children’s storybooks, fairy and folk tales, as well as make-believe supplies (masks, princess costs, tents, wooden swords, fairy wings, ironing boards, wooden kitchen supplies and even a wooden cash register!).

If can’t make up your mind while you’re in the shop, take a peak at the website, which is maintained with the complete selection.


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WilliamsburgSweet WilliamThings to do on a beautiful sunny day. NYC museums!

MilkMade Ice Cream

MilkMade ice cream flavors


One might think it a bit silly to trek from our home in the Upper West Side to Brooklyn for ice cream in the middle of winter but after drooling over MilkMade Ice Cream’s tumblr feed for months, it was time to give it a try in real life.  The journey was worth it and surely won’t be our last. MilkMade is a subscription-based ice creamery with two unique flavors introduced and delivered monthly to its members.  Each of the ingredients has a story, and you can follow along as new flavors are developed.

This spring, MilkMade opened its Brooklyn Tasting Room (204 Sackett Street, Brooklyn).  Located in beautiful Cobble Hill, the space is simply adorned with the focus on the ‘scream.  The scoopista generously encouraged us to taste multiple flavors before making a selection.

The flavors were unique, intense, and delicious.  I decided on the #106 Dark N Stormy, a refreshing combination of fresh ginger and rum.  My toddler had the #48 PB N Jupiter, salted peanut butter ice cream with a grape jelly swirl.  My husband had the #22 Scare-Amel Apple, a caramelized apple ice cream.  In his words, “That’s the best I’ve ever had” … and he’s had a lot.

ps Next time, I’m going for it and ordering the tasting flight, consisting of 5-mini scoops to try, micro-brewery style.  Because, why not?


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PommeThings to do on a beautiful sunny day. NYC museums!New York Transit Museum

Sweet William

When I buy for my kids, I usually go on-line to the Gap and such for the basics….but for the special items I always head to Brooklyn to the smaller, boutique-type children’s stores. Sweet William, in Williamsburg, is a beautiful little space with a very well edited selection of adorable, stylish clothing. Not to mention really lovely toys, accessories and furniture — all displayed in the most enticing of ways. I love places that carry lines that you can’t find elsewhere and offer something special – hard to find brands like Talc and Makie. I also think it’s a top pick for getting unique newborn gifts.


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New York Transit MuseumWilliamsburgThings to do on a beautiful sunny day. NYC museums!

Things to do on a beautiful sunny day. NYC museums!

So recently I had a really terrible idea. It was pouring horizontal rain, freezing cold AND the schools were all closed for spring break… and for some reason, I decided it would be a truly excellent idea to take one of my girls to the Planetarium at the Natural History Museum. The good news was that I got our tickets the night before on-line (which you should ALWAYS do if available) … the bad news is that I spent the morning in a complete state of nature with what seemed like all of human kind. Uggh!

Despite the human jigsaw puzzle, we had a great time but the whole experience served as a gentle reminder that a rainy day visit to a museum is really not such a great idea after all as chances are that every single other human being alive has the same idea. Here are some of my favorite museums in the city… (more…)


Make Meaning — Art Space for Kids, young and oldNew York Historical Society


hipkidsWilliamsburg is seriously as cool as it gets. In fact, I used to joke with a friend of mine that they should just plaster a picture of either Beck or Moby on the front of all the Subway cars to identify that the “L” train to Brooklyn was for hipster transport only.

I guess now, with time being what it is, those young men and women with the complicated haircuts and ironic t-shirts are getting older and having kids of their own. And thank goodness they are because the children’s stores there are really just so darn cool!!!! If you have not been, you must go. Make a day of it as there are so many amazing shops and little places to eat.

Mini Jake – is kind of like the Brooklyn version of the popular Giggle chain. It’s a huge space filled with all things modern and cool — strollers, cribs, bedding, feeding stuff… you name it. In a nutshell, it is a modern parents dream as it is chock full of all those eco-fashionable brands that they go gaga for (Oeuf, Stokke, Bloom etc;). The store also has a huge selection toys (think Plan Toys and Playmobil) and a book nook with all the classics. (more…)


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PommeSweet WilliamMilkMade Ice Cream

New York Transit Museum

new york transit museumOn a recent freezing and rainy Sunday we hopped on the subway and headed to the Transit Museum and what a treat it was! The museum itself exists in an old subway station and has two entire platforms of old subway cars to explore. It really is a trip down memory lane to the time of the good ole pre-blackberry days.  The early subway cars had hand-woven wicker seats and hanging lamps – can you even imagine how long those would last today? Upstairs there are two city buses that little ones can sit in and pretend to drive as well as a lane of turnstiles. It is much like the transport museum in London – but a bit more gritty. This is after all, New York. There is also a nice little lunchroom to take a breather, so pack a lunch!


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Sweet WilliamAcorn Toy ShopWilliamsburg


yhst-75091535464214_2082_6057535I always like to find special gifts that are useful and practical for friends with a new baby. In a cramped NYC apartment the last thing you need is more stuff, especially if you are on kid number 2 or 3, which is why I love these adorable little square quilts from Pomme. They are small, plush, easy to wash and cheery.

Pomme is an adorable little store in the Dumbo section of Brooklyn that carries a well-edited and unique array of items for young children. You can call the store direct to get matching pillows or if you are feeling particularly fashionable there are booties to match!


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Sweet WilliamAcorn Toy ShopMilkMade Ice Cream