Story Deli

Story Deli
pizza at Story Deli

We take pizza very seriously in our family and almost always prefer our pizza the way you’d find it in a restaurant in Naples:  good, Italian, wood oven-fired pizza with the freshest of ingredients and a nice, fluffy-ish crust from slow-fermented Italian dough.

I say almost always because there is an exception, and it’s the pizza from Story Deli. This pizza is made from 100% organic ingredients and in a sense redefines the very definition of pizza.  The owner (who is incredibly kind and warm, inviting you into is restaurant with the smile of an old friend) is so committed to being 100% organic that he doesn’t even put yeast in his pizza dough, hence the flat, crispy crust. It is beyond delicious.

The restaurant itself is basic, almost like an artist’s studio or loft space: there are wooden communal tables, high ceilings, white walls, a simple, open kitchen, and big bags of organic flour scattered around the room. The menu is hand-written on the back of cardboard, wine is served in simple water glasses, and there is nothing fancy about it. Just delicious food and a wonderfully kind staff. Perfect.

p.s. They are so lovely with children — the last time I came in, he asked my eldest to write down everyone’s order and then to do the math at the end of our meal to tally up the bill. There’s also a wooden train track in a box that he’ll bring out for younger children and they’re welcome to play on the floor by your table. So sweet!


Town Hall Hotel_exteriorkonditor-and-cook-300x216
Town Hall HotelKonditor & Cook

Town Hall Hotel

Adamo kids at Town Hall Hotel
kitchen at Town Hall Hotel
Town Hall Hotel
Ivy on the steps of Town Hall Hotel
Town Hall Hotel_exterior
Town Hall Hotel pool
Town Hall Hotel corner room
This past weekend we enjoyed our very first ‘staycation’ — a little weekend holiday in our own city! We stayed at the super cool Town Hall Hotel over in Bethnal Green, East London, and it was so fun to get to know this part of London and to enjoy a weekend out of our home, away from the usual laundry and chores we would have been faced with at home.

The rooms at the Town Hall Hotel are especially spacious and so stylish with a blend of old and new decor (check out this suite!).  Many of the rooms come with little kitchens and dining areas which are great for families, and our room even had a washer/dryer unit! So handy! The hotel also has a pool, which the kids were SO excited about and which provided hours of entertainment on the rainy Sunday.

Apart from the continental breakfast in the stylish Corner Room, we went out for our meals — taking advantage of the nearby Broadway Market on Saturday, Columbia Road flower market on Sunday, and our favourite pizza restaurant, Story Deli, located nearby. The hotel is also a five-minute walk from Victoria Park and the wonderful Pavillion Cafe, and is just down the street from The Museum of Childhood. So there were plenty of activities to keep us entertained and restaurants to keep our bellies full.

A wonderful holiday in our very own city!



konditor-and-cook-300x216pizza at Story Deli
Konditor & CookStory Deli

Konditor & Cook

I tease my husband that one of his requirements when picking a new place of employment is that there is a Konditor & Cook within walking distance. (There are 6 locations in London and my husband has worked near to 3 of them.) Their wonderful cakes and pastries are his (not so secret) indulgence and I can’t blame him — I am yet to taste something that K&C has to offer which doesn’t blow me away. Every cake, muffin, croissant is melt-in-the-mouth heaven.

Konditor & Cook was started by German-born Gerhard Jenne, who studied to be a ‘Konditor’ (pastry chef) in Germany before coming here and learning to be a ‘cook’ in London. Other than tasting good, Gerhard’s cakes look the part too and can be customised for any occasion (I love these mini-wedding cakes pictured). He has even written a book on how to decorate Wacky Cakes & Kooky Cookies. Everything the team bakes or cooks uses organic free-range eggs and natural butter, and if you need your whistle wetting further you can see their menu here. (more…)


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