Town Hall Hotel

Adamo kids at Town Hall Hotel
kitchen at Town Hall Hotel
Town Hall Hotel
Ivy on the steps of Town Hall Hotel
Town Hall Hotel_exterior
Town Hall Hotel pool
Town Hall Hotel corner room
This past weekend we enjoyed our very first ‘staycation’ — a little weekend holiday in our own city! We stayed at the super cool Town Hall Hotel over in Bethnal Green, East London, and it was so fun to get to know this part of London and to enjoy a weekend out of our home, away from the usual laundry and chores we would have been faced with at home.

The rooms at the Town Hall Hotel are especially spacious and so stylish with a blend of old and new decor (check out this suite!).  Many of the rooms come with little kitchens and dining areas which are great for families, and our room even had a washer/dryer unit! So handy! The hotel also has a pool, which the kids were SO excited about and which provided hours of entertainment on the rainy Sunday.

Apart from the continental breakfast in the stylish Corner Room, we went out for our meals — taking advantage of the nearby Broadway Market on Saturday, Columbia Road flower market on Sunday, and our favourite pizza restaurant, Story Deli, located nearby. The hotel is also a five-minute walk from Victoria Park and the wonderful Pavillion Cafe, and is just down the street from The Museum of Childhood. So there were plenty of activities to keep us entertained and restaurants to keep our bellies full.

A wonderful holiday in our very own city!



pizza at Story Delikonditor-and-cook-300x216
Story DeliKonditor & Cook

The Charlotte Street Hotel

charlotte street hotelMy experience with hotels in London is actually quite limited, as we’ve never actually ‘vacationed’ here.  But the Charlotte Street Hotel is one hotel we’ve become very familiar with over the years as its located literally next door to my husband’s office. It has become a go-to spot for breakfast/lunch/coffee/tea/drinks, etc., and is where many of our friends and colleagues have stayed when visiting.

The hotel is small but charming, the staff always friendly and the location could not be better — Charlotte Street is lined with one good restaurant after the other, and is located just north of Oxford Street and Soho and within walking distance to many of London’s tourist attractions. (more…)


konditor-and-cook-300x216Daunt Books interiorbritish museum
Konditor & CookDaunt BooksThe British Museum

Vacation Rentals — VRBO

Travel takes on a whole new meaning once you have kids. Hotels, no matter how fancy or impressive, are just not good enough unless they have all the family-friendly features like mini-bars, refrigerators, bath tubs, cots, space, etc. And if you have more than a couple kids, you might as well forget hotels altogether, unless you’re willing to pay for the penthouse suite! Nowadays, whenever we travel we try to find self-contained units or holiday apartment rentals, simply because it’s so nice to have your own kitchen and to have the extra space. I’ve used VRBO many times before and have always been really pleased. I’ve also had family members rent apartments in London through VRBO and they too gave positive feedback.

VRBO provides an online space to homeowners to advertise their rental properties, and in turn makes it easy for travelers to find holiday rentals in more than 100 different countries.  The site allows you to choose by location, view loads of different photos, read other traveler reviews, view all amenities and info, and even get in touch with the property’s owner. Have a look at their site and check out all the options for London!

Babington House

Babington HouseI’m not sure where to begin, or how to do proper justice in describing just how much I love the English country-side hotel, Babington House. It’s truly one of those places you really must see for yourself. Of course, you can see photos on-line, and you may already be familiar with the style and chic of the sister hotels (of the Soho House family), but nothing will prepare you for how wonderful your time will be at the beautiful Babington House. It’s almost too good to be true.

Babington House is a private members club and hotel/spa set on 18 beautiful acres in Sommerset, England (about 2 1/2 hours outside London). It is also the home of the well-known Cowshed spa and famous range of Cowshed products.

It is posh without being stuffy, it is convenient without loosing its cool, and it is totally kid-friendly without being obnoxious or patronizing. We always spend a long weekend at Babington House every year in June, and it is without a doubt my most treasured weekend of the year. (more…)