Huggle — A shop, café and playspace in one!

November 24, 2010

Imagine a children’s shop stocked full of great toys, baby equipment, children’s decor and stylish furniture… doesn’t that alone sound impressive? Now, imagine this store has buggy parking, kiddie toilets and baby changing facilities, a little café, and an indoor play space for kids — aaahhh, it’s like heaven for parents! This heaven is called Huggle, and it’s a newly opened shop located in Swiss Cottage (just opposite the leisure centre). It was started by a local husband and wife team who spent two years researching the market before opening up their shop and who completely get what it’s like to be a new parent struggling to find the best products for their kids.


8-10 Winchester Road
London, NW3 3NT
Phone: 020 7483 2826


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June 18, 2011

This is such a great idea and so original!

November 8, 2011

The shop looks nice but what a disappointment! I needed shoes for my toddler and we were going to Huggle anyway for a class, so their idea of combining education and consumption certainly worked on us! We even bought a snack at the cafe. BUT you have never seen such unpleasant staff in your life! Especially for a baby shop. I mean, overworked cashierspeople at Sainsbury’s interact more with my baby than these supposed baby specialists rattling around in their beautiful empty shop. Our boy did obligingly play with the truck provided for a few minutes while I searched — UNAIDED — for appropriate shoes. Then he spotted the Gruffalo suitcase and had to touch that, climbing into the shop display and setting off the door alarm in the process. I tried to distract him, but as I said, I was looking for shoes to buy and there is only so much dissuasion you can impress on a toddler… Instead of interacting with the stubborn baby, or hiding the Gruffalo, the staff kept putting the alluring suitcase back exactly where it was in the perfect display, where my son would instantly climb back to push it! I’m sure other parents know exactly the kind of situation I’m talking about, and have been grateful for strangers pulling faces and saying hello in baby tones to smooth things out. No such luck in this shop! So that was quite stressful, but I did eventually find fitting shoes, and forked out GBP20 to buy them. On the way home on the bike — THE SHOES HAD NOT TOUCHED THE GROUND — after about five minutes they were slipping off so I took them off and put them away. Next day I explained to the shop assistant at Huggle that I needed to return them because they were the type that slipped off. They were in pristine condition and in the original packaging. I was truly astonished to hear that they would not accept the return “because the shoes had been worn”! Well now I have found similar shoes on line for a fraction of the price and with better customer service… I know where I’ll be shopping next time! My only regret is that since the shop was empty when I unsuccessfully tried to return the shoes, no other customers could witness just how unhelpful Huggle is.

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